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Find Your Musical Path

We offer private music instruction for most band and orchestra instruments, as well as vocals. And we can lead special sessions focused on improvisation, composition, arranging, production and theory as well. We’re perhaps best known for our bands, in which we team up students who have complementary skills and experience for collaborative practice and performance.

To our friends, WMCA families, students and the general public


         Though we are in what appears to be a whirlwind of the unknown with it’s share of fears, uncertainties and confusion, there are always constants and safe havens where we can go and find refuge and joy. Other than families, friends, faiths and values which ground us…THERE IS ALWAYS MUSIC.


            For my whole life, my parents saw the values and joys with which music has the power to enrich my life and our whole family…and it has made all the difference!!! For 16 years, Wasatch Music Coaching Academy has been the ultimate way for me to share this enriched love and passion for music with countless other students and their families. I look forward to many more years of doing so, and as we work our way through our current world challenges, I encourage as many of our students as possible, to either continue enjoying the path, or get on the path with us!!!


            We have started our bands rehearsing again primarily using an outdoor facility, and sometimes our large reception room for small trios and quintets.  We are also currently doing all we can to keep our students in their weekly lessons with electronic remote platforms (Skype, Zoom and FaceTime) OR with one on one private lessons, while respecting and following all protocols of health safety possible.  Please, keep listening and viewing…keep practicing…keep creating…keep finding joys within your musical experiences!!!  We ARE currently taking on new students at this time for remote private lessons.  With all hopes and prayers, please stay safe and healthy, and if God willing, we will find our way back to a normal and healthy world.  Our best and love to you all!!!


            -Dave Murphy, Director Wasatch Music Coaching Academy

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