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Below are just a few testimonials and messages received from the hundreds of wonderful students and parents from years past

"The nine years of lessons, recitals, bands, and performance opportunities my son has participated in at WMCA have opened amazing musical and creative doors for him, culminating with his acceptance and scholarship to a top college program for jazz studies. Even more importantly, WMCA and Dave Murphy have provided both my son and daughter with a community of friends, a place to call home, and a wealth of life lessons in everything from discipline and hard work to the joy of creating together, learning together, and laughing together—all while making incredible music together."  -KG

"Thank you so much for everything that you do!  My brother and I were SO blessed to have the chance to work with you and all the amazing kids at WMCA.  The whole gang helped me develop a lifelong love for music and so much confidence.  It seriously changed my life. Thanks!!"  -MW

"WMCA has helped guide me as not only a musician, but as a person.  I am forever grateful for the love and compassion you’ve shown me, and I’ll never forget my time with Copy Machine.  I love you!!!"  -WW     "P.S.---thanks for putting up with me always flaking on lyrics."

"Thank you for being the institution which really kick-started my love for music. Through Rock Ensemble, the rock musical reviews, and now with Funk Band, you have pushed me to the best musician possible, and without you, I would not be where I am today.  So thank you!"  -CB

"Dave, thank you for being the best teacher, mentor and friend we have ever known.  You have enriched our lives."   -S & CP

"Every once in a while, my wife reminds me of great things I’ve brought into our lives that she’d never have considered.  (the list is short, but valuable, as maybe you can imagine.) Anyway, WMCA is always there close to the top.  And she’s right--- it was SO much more than even I had hoped for. Thanks."  -MW

"Dave, when I think of the people who have had a major role

in my life, I think of you first.  Thanks for all you’ve done for

me and my family."  -ZC

"WMCA…thank you so much for everything you do.  I love

how much potential you see in all of us and how much I’ve

learned from you.  I love you!"   -CS

"Thank you so much for everything you have done for me

and my family over the last (I think) 6 years, and hopefully

for the many more years to come."

"Dave, Dave, Dave:  I love you so much!  You’ve changed

my life in more ways than I can tell you.  I’ve improved in

countless ways since you’ve let me join WMCA.  Thank you

for always being patient with me.  Stay beautiful!"  -NW


"We are so blessed that you have been part of our lives for

so many years. You mean more to us than you know.  xxoo"


"The gifts you have shared with our family have shaped the

lives of our kids and made us all richer.  Thanks for all that

you do!  Love, KG"

"WMCA has shaped my life and changed me for the better.  Words can’t explain how thankful I am."  -GP

"The memories from WMCA are some of the best that I have.  I’m so happy you’ve been able to keep up the magic for so long.  Keep going.  I love you!"   -NC

"We love you!  And are so thankful to have you in our lives!  You’re the best!!!  xoxo"  -KZ

"Dave and Amanda, thank you for all of the amazing years of musical teaching. You are two of the most amazing teachers I’ve ever had!!!  I love you so, so, so much!"  -EBS

"Dave!  You rock!  Thank you for being the best teacher and friend I could ask for.  What you have taught me about music, life, and everything in between has helped shape me into the person I am today.  I will cherish my time at Wasatch forever.  Thank you."  -CP


"Thank you so much for everything.  WMCA was instrumental for me and a huge part of my life.  Thanks for creating it, and good luck going forward."   -GW

"Dave, you have made growing up so much fun.  You are a sweet man and a great part of my childhood.  Wish you all the best.  Love, SM"

"You have been such a great influence (musically AND in general) these past few years!  Thank you so much for all you do!"  -TS

"WMCA is such a light in my son’s life and you are so much more that a teacher; you are a role model and a mentor.  Thank you for being you!"  -MS

"Dave, thank you for being such a great influence to me.

 I wouldn’t be the person I am without you.  Love ya.  

Thank you."


"Thanks for all the mentoring.  You have been such

a great influence in my children’s lives."  -ES

"Special thanks at this time for all you do which benefits

not only WMCA students but the whole community."  -SR

"Thank you so much for welcoming our son into your

music “family”!  It means so much to all of us!  Band

practice is the highlight of his week!!"  -SF and JS

"We truly thank our lucky stars for stumbling across WMCA.  Thank you for giving your heart and soul so our kids can feel inspired and encouraged in music.  You make such a huge difference in our lives.  We could never thank you enough---but hopefully charging our monthly bills shows just a little of our gratitude.  Love, J,W,S, J and AW."

"Every other Monday have become my favorite nights of the month.  You have brought so much deep and real soul-shaking joy to my life.  Thank you for letting an old broad feel young again.  All my love, CC"

"WMCA, you totally ROCK and thanks for sharing the gift!!!"  -D, A, and PB

"Thank you so much for all you have done for our son over the years!  What a great ride it has been!  We are sad to see it end this summer."  -AB and BB

"Thank you for the many years you have invested in our son’s musical education.  Your dedication and love for all of the students is so heartwarming.  We appreciate all that you and your family do to make such a rewarding experience for the kids.  Thank you for all you do."  -N,C, and JB

"WMCA, thanks for the musical journey of a lifetime!  Can’t imagine our lives without you."  -LB

"It sure is awesome to see the Wasatch kids still rockin’ after all these years.  I can’t even begin to imagine life without those irreplaceable years I spent on 7th and 4th---and even before that, 9th and 9th!  It truly changed my life for the better.  THANK YOU!!"  -EB

"Thank you so much for your years of bringing music to the community and to kids (we once were)…music continues to thrive!  I loved every moment being at WMCA and have made a partial career out of music thanks to your efforts of keeping us going and having fun!!  Love, AH"

"I don’t even know where to start to say THANK YOU for all that you did for us over the years!  It is just so wonderful to see how this amazing dream of yours has grown and thrived.  We are so blessed to have been a part of this rockin’ community growing upl  Thank you for all of your guidance and lessons over many years.  We will always keep the great memories!  Love, KZ"

"Thank you for the past 8 years.  You’ve been a music mentor for me for years, but also taught me so much more.  I’m going to miss you so much and can’t say thanks enough."  -DB

"The opportunities and experiences you have given me are some of the most positive and awesome things I have ever done!"  -ML

"WMCA, we are so grateful to have you in our lives.  Thanks for all the joy and music you bring to our family.  xoxo"   -B, D, and LG

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