Programs & Pricing  

Find Your Musical Path

We offer private music instruction for most band and orchestra instruments, as well as vocals. And we can lead special sessions focused on improvisation, composition, arranging, production and theory as well. We’re perhaps best known for our bands, in which we team up students who have complementary skills and experience for collaborative practice and performance.

Gain Real-World Experience

We find that students do best when they have a show on the horizon. Here are a few of the performance opportunities we offer each year:
   - Recitals allow students to perform the song of their choice alongside the WMCA staff ensemble
   - Bands bring together students of comparable abilities for rehearsals each week and shows throughout the year
   - Summer jam camps offer concentrated windows for learning, collaborating and performing
   - Music revues give more experienced students an opportunity to perform in a production of thematic music



Current Programs and Pricing

1)   Ensemble + Private Lessons---$225 mo. (Four 1-hour band rehearsals / mo. + Four 30 - min. private lessons / month.)
2)   Ensemble only---$80 per mo. (Four 1 - hour band sessions / month)
3)   Private Lessons only---$170 per mo.--- (Four 30 - minute private lessons / month)
4)   Group Lessons of 2 students---$100 each per mo. (Four 30 - minute group lessons / month)

       Group Lessons of 3 students---$75 each per mo. (Four 30 - minute group lessons / month)


NOTE: All Private & Group lessons include 1 yearly recital opportunity with the WMCA Faculty Ensemble as well as free and reduced price admittance to special clinics, masters classes, and music camps offered in the future!

In addition to all of our services we provide, we have been asked to function as a testing center and satellite center for music education associated with the EA Park City and the EA School of Music. You can even earn High School Credit!


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