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Our Story

As far as my memory goes back, music has been in my life and the core of family activity. My parents started me on piano at age 4, and as a result, I learned to read music for both treble and bass clefs before being able to read English. After music won the battle of my career choice rather than medicine, and while paying my way through both
Bachelor and Master of music degrees by performing and teaching music, I developed the dream of starting my own music studio.


Finally, after 26 years of marriage and almost completely raising our two children, having had a career teaching Math and Music in the public schools, and a try at financial services, all while performing and teaching privately, I finally found the path which led me to creating Wasatch Music Coaching Academy in early 2004. We started with a hope and a dream at the Alan Weight Music Studios in the 9th and 9th area, and in 2008 we relocated to our current location at 400 East and 700 South. Over the past 15 years, we have seen over a thousand students come through our programs and enjoy music at the level which they desire. Currently, by this summer of 2019, we are sending off the last two families who have been with us for 14 of the past 15 years!!!


We certainly are a “performance based” institution, with 7 ensembles and almost 200 students currently enrolled. Scores of our past students are still playing / performing / writing / recording and touring, and many of them have attained or are currently working on music degrees. Certainly, all are enjoying the fruits of their musical labors and
experiences at Wasatch Music Coaching Academy. Most all members of our teaching staff perform and teach music full time, with most of them having attained a music degree.


The concept of music performance has been and will always be the cornerstone of our existence. It gives purpose, builds self esteem, and helps our great students become better people through teamwork and experiences which they could never get in any other way.


We have a family friendly atmosphere and encourage family involvement. Through the strength and trust of strong relationships which develop while experiencing the joy of music, we will continue our commitment to welcome all who come to our door to become a part of our fold.

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- David P. Murphy

  WMCA Founder

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For the full story of Wasatch Music Coaching Academy, please feel free to enjoy the new released book "Believe Your Heart'.  With 10 years in the making, "Believe Your Heart" tells the miraculous tale of the success of  Wasatch Music Coaching Academy and how it became a reality!!! 


It has been a firm belief for much of my life, that my passion for music and desire to share that passion, could and would be COMPLETELY translated into a dream business.  After 16 years, this passion combined with my beliefs and values, have guided me the whole way and have proved true with the success of  WMCA!  These values, through which many of my most cherished relationships of my life have been built, have given us the ability to blast through Covid-19.


We currently have physical copies of "Believe Your Heart" available for purchase. The digital version of it is also available for download on Amazon Kindle with 126 colored pictures validating many of the tremendous events and memories throughout the years.  (some pictures and captions on the Kindle version were misaligned into the digital format, however)


Feel free to contact David Murphy for a hard copy of the book.  You can text, email, or call directly.  (contact information is on this website)

It can also be purchased directly at Frost Books, here in Salt Lake City.

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